Critical Illness Protection Kent & Bedfordshire

Thameside Mortgages provide critical illness protection in Kent & Bedfordshire.

Critical Illness cover is designed to pay out a lump sum should you become diagnosed with a specified illness during the term of the policy, for example, Cancer, Heart Attack, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis, Blindness and Deafness.

Typically, a provider will cover 40-50 definitions, although some providers offer as many as 170 different conditions.

There are also additional payments for less severe conditions.

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What Do I Need To Protect?

Typically, you could choose to protect the mortgage balance in its entirety, or you can choose to protect a lump sum, such as 2-3 years’ salary if you wish, using the benefit to pay for medical treatment not covered by the NHS, or take time off work to care for each other/go to the hospital etc.

There are several different types of Critical Illness that you can implement, and our advisers are on hand to ensure that you obtain the best possible cover to meets your needs and requirements

Critical Illness plans have no cash in value at any time and will cease at the end of term. If you stop paying your premiums your cover may end.

Plans may not cover all the definitions of a critical illness. The definitions vary between product providers and will be described in the key features and policy document, if you go ahead with the plan.

These policies can also include cover for your children also, sometimes at no extra cost.

Providers will also offer additional conditions for less severe conditions.

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